The natural predatory-prey dynamic is what makes this method so effective. A hawk or falcon's presence is often enough of a deterrent to keep flocks away, however when used in conjunction with existing bird control methods, traditional falconry provides a highly effective way to control pest birds.

The objective is not to kill the pest birds, but to keep them off your crops and make them relocate.

Nuisance birds often find away around netting, screamers, and propane cannons.  These methods become predictable to problem birds.

Due to the natural "fear" response of the pest bird, they never become accustom to raptors being in their presence.   It's a survival instinct that can't be invoked by any other method and the birds never become complacent to it.

Frequent and random visits by our raptors will be an effective, sustainable, all natural, eco-friendly and quiet bird abatement method for your operation.

Using the latest in GPS technology, we track all our birds in real time to ensure total coverage of your assets and ensure time spent in the field is efficient and effective. 

We are more than just bird abatement.

Get the most out of our bird abatement program.  Having our birds of prey on site can be an attraction for your visitors and add revenue for your business.  Our team of handlers and birds are ready to provide a unique, once in a lifetime experience for your visitors and can be added to your existing tour program.

Feel free to contact us at any time to learn how we will collaborate to suit your needs, enhance your visitor experience and help reduce crop loss with this environmentally friendly bird abatement method. 

Let us come to you.  We can arrange a complimentary visit.  A chance for you to meet us and the falconry team.

How it works

Animals, On The Go! is excited to offer its falconry bird abatement service! With our hawks and falcons, we can help you keep avian pests, like starlings and robins, away from your crops.  Along with your current bird abatement methods adding an all natural, eco-friendly method will help reduce your annual crop loss.

Falcons, On The Go!.

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