Founded in 2010, by Brad de Wolde, Animals, On The Go! has maintained a strong commitment to bring the very best in live animals and provide safe professional training and handling of all our charges to make your need for live animals the very best that it can be.




Brad started his exotic and domestic animal training career over 20 years ago, working with his mentor, Leo Dahl from Germany.  His first taste in animal training came in the form of Leo's collection of wolves, large cats, horses and an assortment of other species.  Fast forward 22 years later, Brad works full time at a major Canadian Zoo, and along with managing his own business, Animals, On The Go!, he has traveled the world not just to train animals for zoos and private owners, but is sought after to train people on how to train animals, presenting several clinics and workshops annually. Brad has made many appearances on Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, The Discovery Channel and TVO just to name a few.  With his animals and himself being featured on every major media outlet in Canada, he has become a familiar face in Canada and around the world as an authority in training exotic and domestic animals.

Brad de Wolde Owner/Trainer/Wrangler

Brad has been training animals for specialized purposes since 1995.  Working at a major Canadian Zoo, he trained an assortment of animals for the daily live animal and free flight bird show.  Today he owns and manage Animals, On The Go! a dynamic and interactive animal training business which provides ethically trained and handled animals for rent or hire for the television, film and media industries. With over 25 years in the animal field, he has successfully worked with over 60 species of animals.